Almonacid de Toledo Castle

Almonacid de Toledo is a small village close to the city of Toledo with a stunning, well worth seeing castle.

What to see:

Almonacid de Toledo is dominated by its magnificent castle. The toponym itself helps to decipher the origin of this town, predominantly of Arab origin, related Almunia del Cid, that is, the "garden of the Lord".

Leaving Villa Nazules take direction to Almonacid de Toledo. At the top of the hill you can see the fort.

The first historical reference we have of this castle dates back to 848 as Arab fortress. Later it passed into the hands of King Alfonso VI as part of the dowry of Princess Zaida

Well worth mentioning are the cisterns, still good condition, and the remains of its important colossal towers and inner walls that barely remain standing.

What to do:

In addition to its castle, you might want to visit the Church of San Antonio Abad, the Hermitage of Our Lady de la Oliva, with interesting frescoes and some mansions located in the center of town, with large emblazoned doors.

We recommend:

Visiting the castle, the Parish Church and the Chapel of Our Lady de la Oliva in Almonacid. And the e nearby towns of Orgaz, Mora, Mascaraque and Nambour and their castles.

Almonacid de Toledo
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