Cabaneros National Park

Cabañeros National Park, located in the province of Toledo, is outstanding because of its abundant fauna, including many endemic species.

What to see:

Its landscape is formed by extensive grazing lands with rich seasonal pastures where a variety of animals feed. The hills and peaks covered with Mediterranean forest and scrublands are the home to a variety of birds and mammals. Here we find over 200 different bird species, with the most noteworthy species being large birds of prey, including eagles and vultures; and mammals such as deers, roe deers or boars. The park is also noted for its rich flora, including a variety of tree and bush species.

What to do:

Bird and Animal Watching: Cabañeros is also the habitat of many animal species, especially birds (black vultures, Spanish imperial eagles, golden eagles). Large mammals also live in Cabañeros (45 species). It is easy to spot deer, wild boar and roe deer.


Two roads run through the Park and these may be used to get to know some of the park’s features.

The road between Horcajo de los Montes and Retuerta del Bullaque mainly covers bush land areas (rock roses, heath and strawberry trees). Gargantilla is accessed via an unpaved pathway that tourists can use. It is eight kilometres long, and part of section p.k. 37 of the CM-4157 road.

We recommend:

We recommend starting the visit to the Park at one of its free entry centres. At these centres, leaflets are available and there are guides and guards who can provide directions and answer questions. Guided tours are available on request, by calling: +34 - 926 78 32 97

Horcajo de los Montes, Retuerta de Bullaque, Torre de Abraham, Alcoba de los Montes
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