Speaking of Mora is talking about olive trees and their fruit produced in the mills of the town: the extra virgin olive oil.

What to see:

Located halfway between the foothills of the Toledo mountains and the La Mancha plain, Mora is well-known due to its excellent olive oil production.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the village's most representative product: It is of the first-class quality, obtained by a natural process and improved by the experience of Mora's master millers who have been producing olive oil for four centuries here. No wonder the olive oil from Mora is being exported internationally and reknown for having one of the world's best bouquets, pleasing even the most demanding customers.

What to do:

The Parish Church, the town hall, the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Antigua, the local oil mills and the Oil Museum are the places you should not miss in Mora.

And of course the impressive Castillo de Peñas Negras castle, located on top of a hill: A medieval stone castle (XI), which is of particularly beautiful at night when being illuminated.

We recommend:

Guided tours "Understanding Oil": Experience the world of olive oil and olive culture. Recommended throughout the year but especially during the months of olive harvest and production from October to April.


If you happen to be there in spring, don't miss out on the Fiestas del Olivo, declared of tourist interest.


In March the village celebrates its "Gastronomic congress of Olive Oil" (Jornadas Gastronómicas del Aceite de Oliva) with tapas-tasting prepared by master chefs.


During the last or next to last weekend of July, you might visit the Castillo Peñas Negras music festival.

Mora, Toledo, España
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