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Tembleque is a typical town of Castilla-La Mancha, organised around two plazas linked by a passage and featuring the most significant buildings and noble houses of the town.

What to see:

This town is a unique and picturesque spot in Castilla-La Mancha if ever there was one. Its Plaza Mayor is its symbol and its icon, the pride of its people and a monument of great importance in these lands that link the last of the Toledo Mountains foothills with the immense plains of La Mancha.


Two storey manors with big whitewashed façades and patios can be found around the picturesque Plaza Mayor, which follows the architectural style of open-air amphitheatres and hospices with a functional aim: to serve as a meeting centre for the town during its festive events.

What to do:

A visit to Tembleque would not be complete without a stop by its monumental Plaza Mayor where you can have a bite to eat or a full course meal at one of the restaurants to be found there. Its church and whitewashed streets, where the Casa de las Torres (House of the Towers) can be seen, top off your visit to this town, considered the “Gateway to La Mancha”.

We recommend:

From Tembleque you can also visit other villages, such as Mora, where olive trees and its special soup are its biggest attractions, or the Toledo Mountains hunting grounds, and continue your journey toward the land of Don Quixote. The town of Consuegra is also close by, with its windmills and imposing medieval castle that leave an indelible impression on any visitor.

Plaza Mayor, 1. Tembleque. Toledo.
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